• Dog Boarding
  • We Are Not Accepting Any New Dog Boarding Clients.

    Mini and small breed only. 20 pound weight limit and at least 8 months of age.

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  • As close to their own home as possible.  Only 1-2 guests per day
  • No crates of kennels (unless client prefers)
  • Discount for multiple guests from same home
  • Dogs are welcome to go on daily group walks
  • Freedom to relax and enjoy a happy and loving home

Pick Up / Drop Off  –  No charge

Initial Setup Visit  –  No charge  –  Client and their pooch visit for meet & greet in my home. A way of testing the comfort level of your pooch in new environment, question and answer period. You leave knowing and feeling Pet Sitter San Francisco is the perfect choice

Pickup / Drop Off Keys  –  No charge

Emergency Lockout Service  –  No charge  –  Lose your keys?  We can help you!